SAVE THE DATE! – March 31


SAVE THE DATE - March 31

John Crampton

The Psychology of Competitive Dressage: Keeping it together on the day

Sydney Dressage Inc. are offering our members, volunteers and judges the opportunity to participate in an interactive workshop with Sports Psychologist, John Crampton.

John Crampton is a registered Psychologist, specialising in Sport and Exercise Psychology. John has worked across a broad range of sports, including supporting many Olympic teams throughout his career.

John was first introduced to the equestrian sports by Judy Fasher in 1997 when the NSW Institute of Sport was developing a support program for Eventers, Jumpers and Dressage riders before the Sydney Olympics. This relationship with the Equestrian world continued through to 2013. During these years working with Equestrian riders to develop their competition skills John worked with many international trainers and judges, including Ulla Salzgeber, Christoph Hess, Stephen Clarke, and Cara Witham to name just a few!

More information coming soon! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Website for updates.

Avrill Aspland